Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Design Team Challenge: Kuttin' Up Tuesday's

It's Tuesday, and by y'all should know what that means.... time for another Creative Kuts Design Team Challenge!  This week, our challenge was to alter something.  Now, before I show you my project, let me just tell you that I have NEVER altered anything before!  And, apparently, there is a reason for that!  I tried several times and finally decided to use this one, kind of the "best of the worst".  Now, don't think I am giving up, just ran out of things in my house that I could try and alter.  I will be trying again this week.  Now, go to the Creative Kut's blog and check out the rest of the girls' projects!
 I used one of the babies from the Oh Baby's First file.  http://www.creativekuts.com  There are a lot of cute files and more being added almost daily, so check it out!

At least the picture of my babies is cute, even if it's not the right size for the frame! :)


  1. Awe this is so sweet.

  2. The babies are sweet, the frame needs work! lol But, Thank you, none the less!

  3. Your babies are adorable. How fun, I always wanted twins.

  4. Thank you! Everyone always says that, "how fun, twins! I always wanted twins!" You want them until you HAVE them, cuz once they are mobile, look out! They are so much work! BUT, they are really awesome, too... the way they interact and stuff, really cool... BUT a lot of work! LOL