Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Thing of Beauty Award!

When accepting this award, you must list 5 things about yourself (including why you like crafting), pass it on to 5 others, and when you post the award to your sidebar, the award creator would like the award linked to her blog,

First, I would like to thank Deb, from Scrappin Mamma for giving me this award, Love you, Deb!

Ok, 5 things about me....hmmmm......
                             1. I am a single Mom of 5 gorgeous kids, ages 18 months - 8 years. 2 of those 5 are                                    twins, the 18 month olds!
                             2. I have been scrapping for over 10 years, and cannot believe how the times have                                    changed!  I used to use just plain die cuts and stickers, now I barely use stickers at  all,                                  despite that I have 3 huge binders over loaded with them!
                             3. I am also a paper hoarder! I "have" to buy it, "just in case" I might need it.... which is                                       why I still have paper from 5 years ago that I have never used! LOL I also save                                             EVERY scrap of paper, "just in case"!
                             4. I am a messy scrapper, seriously, we are talking a red hot mess! I can't be neat, I've                                    tried.  This only applies to my scrap room, with everything else, I cannot stand clutter                                     and chaos! LOL
                             5. I love to scrap because it is the ONE thing that I can do to relax and try to get a few                                      minutes to myself.  And it's so much more productive than TV, scrappers create                                     memories for a lifetime!

I would like to share this award with:
                                  Tracey G.
                                  Corrine P.


  1. Awww..You are so sweet sharing this award with me! Thank you so much! : )