Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Melted Snowman Cookies

You all know I am a Pinterest addict. Well, I saw some melted Snowman cookies on there and decided I had to make them for the pre-school Winter Celebration!  There were several different pins on these, so I just copied the idea and did it my way.
I will say that I found THE BEST sugar cookie recipe so far during this search tho!
Go check out Midget Momma for this tasty NO SPREAD Sugar cookie recipe! I am so excited to make my Christmas shape cookies this year because of this recipe! They stay the same shape, like the recipe says, they "No Spread"! lol
I also got my icing recipe from her too, Midget Momma's Royal Icing.

Now, once you ice your cookies, nuke your marshmallows for about 20 seconds, then stick in your noses. I sliced up orange fruit slices, but you can use whatever you like.
Then mush them onto the cookie.
Once the icing has hardened, embellish your snowman.
I used red & green cookie icing by Betty Crocker (b/c I am lazy and didn't want to make more)
But then I ended up making my own black frosting anyways because the writing Gel was just dripping off and aggravating me!

And that's it!  They were pretty simple, and the cookie tips f rolling out between wax paper is genius!

The icing is very sweet, but my kids didn't complain about that!! :)

Thanks for coming by!

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