Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Creative Kuts challenge!!!! Kuttin' Up Tuesday!

This week, the Creative Team was challenged to make an Explosion Box.  I had never even HEARD of this before, let alone made one!  Needless to say, this was quite an experience!  I decided to make mine with a beach theme, and wanted to try and go above the "norm", so I added some layers inside the box where photos can be added.  In the middle, I used a recycled baby food jar, which can be used to hold sand, shells and rocks that were collected.  My pictures aren't the best, but that is a whole different issue! :)  Be sure to check out the Creative Kuts blog to see the rest of the Team's boxes!  I used various pieces from the Beach Bums set throughout my box. Hope you like it! :)


  1. This is dar-ling!! I'm loving the sun glasses on the bear!. The inside is too fun!!

  2. Thanks, all! Krista, really love your idea about the fish! LOL

  3. Oh my goodness!! Your Explosion Box Is so Awesome!! I have made them before but never thought to put something like that Inside!! Very Cool Blog and I am now a follower and Peeking in from scrappingmamma's link up party!! Hope to see you come and see what I have been up to!!

    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  4. Love your explosion box I so would like to try one. I love the bear theme very cute.

  5. Thank you Rexann & Janet! It was a lot of fun to do, and not AS difficult as I thought it would be!