Saturday, April 6, 2013

Putting Barbie in her place!

Happy Saturday, All!!

Since I became a Pinterest-aholic, I don't throw away anything I think I might be able to use for something else, like Crystal Light containers & diaper boxes, along with lots of other things but I used those 2 items for today's projects.

Last night I was sitting in the living room, and was looking at Barbie, and a lot of her friends, all scattered about. Most were de-robed.  And then there's the never ending, "Shoot! What did I just vacuum up?" problem. It has to stop. Barbie needs to be put in her place. Her own special place. In a Barbie Box. 

I knew I had a large diaper box, or 2, hanging around and thought if I covered it up in pretty pink papers, it would work. I hate spending tons of $$ on plastic storage containers and then they get broken because someone needed a stool or a seat.  So, I got out the Mod Podge! Now, me & the Podge have a love/hate relationship..... it LOVES to make me HATE it!  I can never get the wrinkles out and I always end up covered in glue.  BUT, for the love of Barbie, I pushed forward.  I printed out a couple Barbie pics on the computer and cut them out real fast and went at it with the Podge again.  Not perfection, but it works & it was cheap. Most importantly, my girls LOVE that I made it for them!

Now, I knew throwing all the little pieces into this box would result in the same problem.... little clinks in my vacuum. So Momma got out the Crystal Light container, complete with cover. Perfect! Covered it with some matching paper and accented it with a couple pieces from KaDoodle Bug Designs. I used the "Women's Silhouettes" & "Surfin' with Style" (for the shades) files.  And done!
The girls loved this even more than the box! 

Now, it's up to them to fill it up. They liked it a little less when they heard that part! lol  But at least now Barbie has a place, her own designated place, in her new somewhat stylish Barbie Box!

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~Colleen :)

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  1. Very creative Collen! I might just have to make one for Rachel, she is into making stuff for her Barbies (off of Youtube) and it gets scattered everywhere! Great idea!